Virus and Malware Removal

We know how irritating it can be when your computer is acting sluggish and when programs are constantly freezing up on you. It can be maddening to see the same error screen pop up every time you turn your computer on and even worse when you open a new web page and a ton of pop-ups SPAM you!  The bad news is that these are all pretty good indicators that you in fact have a computer virus that needs to be quarantined immediately. The good news is that we can help because we provide the best virus removal in Miami and all of South Florida!

The best part is you can skip the task of unplugging your computer and taking it to a local computer repair shop. We provide out call services where we will come directly to you or by connecting directly to your computer, we can remove any infections plaguing your PC and slowing down your business and life.

No matter the severity, we will have your computer running like-new in a short period of time. Watch us work on your computer in real-time, taking comfort in knowing your files and personal information is 100% safe or allow us to pick up and drop off once repaired for added convenience. Our services are fairly priced and affordable especially when compared to the other storefronts in South Florida.

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Key Features:

  • Virus Removal
  • Spyware | Malware | Pop up Removals
  • Ransomeware Removal
  • Virus Protection Sales and Installation

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