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As business information and assets become more digital, we are seeing a rapid growth in data, drives and devices. Protecting our assets in the digital age has become more important. Businesses today require new data backup and recovery solutions that better adapt to the way we need to do business while still maintaining the highest levels of security in an online world.

Our Data Deposit Box active data backup & recovery solution gives your business the assurance it needs to guard against computer hard drive failure or theft. Our studies show over half (57%) of our users have experienced the value of our online service to recover data lost on their computer. [/one-half]

Data Deposit Box enables users to easily backup, restore, access, and share their online digital assets using our client for either Windows or Mac. Unlike other online backup providers, our patented Continuous Backup technology immediately detects, encrypts and saves any changes – even with open files such as Outlook and with always-on servers. Backups resume when the user’s system is idle so there is no performance impact and they get peace of mind knowing that their data is always safe in our high security data center.

For these reasons and more, Digital Minds recommends Data Deposit Box as the preferred backup solution to all our clients.

This service can also be bundled with our Managed IT Services.

Data Deposit Box Key Features

Continuous Data Backup

Open File Backup

Smartphone Backup Available

Military Grade Encryption

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