Pay Per Call Marketing

The Lead Generation and Pay Per Call industry is growing rapidly, leading more companies to adapt and adopt new marketing campaigns that seek to drive calls and generate revenue. What Digital Minds can offer you are high quality, targeted customers calling you wanting what you have to offer! Once you’ve got consumers on the phone, you have a golden opportunity to convert the call into a customer, increase your revenue and grow your customer contact database as well. This is what we refer to as Pay Per Call because you simply pay us for every quality call we generate for your business. Once again, all callers are potential customers in need of your product/service so your return on investment is HUGE. The price per call depends on your company’s niche. For example, an insurance company call price will be higher than that of a bicycle shop.

Contact us today and we will be happy to send you detailed information tailored for your brand.

Full reporting including caller’s phone number, city/state, date/time of call and call duration are provided on a weekly basis to our clients.

Benefits of Pay Per Call Marketing

We perform extensive research on your niche, setup campaigns to generate quality calls using our lead generation infrastructure, provide full reporting and charge you ONLY for the calls we bring in.

Higher Brand Awareness

Excellent Return on Investment

No Calls = No Money Spent

Separate Yourself from the Competition

Computer Hardware + Software Sales

Simply tell us what you are in the market for and we will provide at unbeatable prices guaranteed.