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Headquartered in Toronto Canada with a US office located in New York, Data Deposit Box was initially created by Tim Jewell and Rob Schenkel, but in 2002, Tim and Rob joined forces with Jamie Brenzel to form Acpana Business Systems Inc. In 2003, they launched Data Deposit Box.

Data Deposit Box is a comprehensive online backup service which enables PC computer users to easily backup, restore, access, & share data. Digital Minds uses this service and has nothing but positive feedback and praise to share with our clients regarding Data Deposit Box. If you are looking for superior software and the absolute best way to back-up a computer, then this encrypted backup service will exceed your expectations.

One of the main selling points and why Digital Minds is so fond of this software is based on the fact that Data Deposit Box offers a single plan, which offers simple low pricing that makes them highly attractive to both business models and individuals looking for a simple, yet smart backup solution. This software has the best security we have yet to see. The data is safely encrypted with Blowfish 448bit encryption both during transport and while held on their servers, providing top of the line protection! Also, your files get transferred using a special protocol designed specifically for internet backup. To add to the security, you use your own username and password which creates a unique encryption key that ensures that no one can access your data, not even the administrators at Data Deposit Box.

Your data is physically stored in the highest grade data center available, a carrier grade data center with redundant hardware at every level, fire suppression systems and 24 hours a day human guards. As far as the backup features, Data Deposit Box holds a patent on their Continuous Backup System which waits for files to be changed, extracts the changes, compresses them, encrypts them and then securely transfers them to their data centers, ensuring faster backups that allows open files such as Outlook to be backed up without having to be closed.

Secure Online Backup and Recovery

File versioning is also available. By default 3 copies are kept, with up to a maximum of 28 if so desired. However, each version, which only contains the differences from the previous version, does count towards your storage allowance. When initially installed, Data Deposit Box will auto select several folders in your local profile, i.e. My Documents, Desktop, Favorites, and whichever email program you are using; from there you can easily amend, add or delete folders from the backup list by using the client software. The restore feature is a snap, just right-click the Data Deposit Box icon in the system tray and select Restore, then navigate to the file you want to retrieve, right-click and select restore. Via the web portal, previous versions of files can be retrieved. There is a fantastic feature called: ‘Backup and Resume’. Backups automatically suspend when the keyboard or mouse is used to allow you more processor speed and internet bandwidth. When the keyboard and mouse have been idle for a while, the backup will continue from where it left off. Genius!
Moving on to the look…The client software interface feels somewhat retro in my opinion. However, it works extremely well, is low on resource usage and gives you all the information you need. The web portal is a bit fancier and does provide you with a plethora of information and configuration options. There is even a Corporate Administration section where you are able to easily setup all the people you wish to use the service. The reporting section shows exactly what has been backed up and when the backup took place. My Data area provides a simple tree navigation system to find any backed up data along with a search function in case you can’t remember where a particular file is being stored. MAC and PC device support is available via client software and any internet enabled device can access the backed up files but for security purposes will not be enabled to be backed up themselves.
Public file sharing and file collaboration is not available. When it comes to file sharing and collaboration, private file sharing is available from the web portal and can be set on individual files or entire chosen for entire folders. Each share can be assigned a unique password and this can be emailed out along with a unique web address to allow access to the specific files and folders you wish shared. There is also an online photo album feature that can be shared in the same way. In both cases, files can be viewed and downloaded but not amended.
In closing, Data Deposit Box is by far the best online data backup services that Digital Minds has come in contact with and it comes highly recommended from our IT team, to yours.

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