Computer Lessons

Digital Minds is proud to introduce computer lessons to the list of services offered. Throughout the years, there has always been a request for this type of service; especially among our older clientele. Requests such as learning how to navigate a Windows computer, setup and access email and how to use social media for example. Giving back is important and we would love to set aside one on one time to help you get better acquainted with the technology among us all. Knowledge is power as they say right!?

Please contact us today to discuss the various computer related instruction you need to setup an appointment for your first lesson.

Computer Training Offerings

Please find below some of our most popular lessons offered. If you need instruction on any technology not mentioned below, please contact us and we will be glad to assist and accommodate your needs. Digital Minds is here to help!

Using Windows 7/8/10

Microsoft Office Basics

iPhone and iPad Functionality

Wordpress Web Design

Internet and Email Usage

Buy and Sell on Ebay or Craiglist

Social Media Training (FB|Twitter|Instagram|Snapchat)


Computer Hardware + Software Sales

Simply tell us what you are in the market for and we will provide at unbeatable prices guaranteed.